Definition of Similarity

1. Noun. The quality of being similar.

2. Noun. A Gestalt principle of organization holding that (other things being equal) parts of a stimulus field that are similar to each other tend to be perceived as belonging together as a unit.

Definition of Similarity

1. n. The quality or state of being similar; likeness; resemblance; as, a similarity of features.

Definition of Similarity

1. Noun. Closeness of appearance to something else. ¹

2. Noun. (philosophy) The relation of sharing properties. ¹

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Definition of Similarity

1. [n -TIES]

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Literary usage of Similarity

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Principles of Psychology by William James (1890)
"The pair of thoughts will form an instance of what is called 'Association by similarity.' * The similars which are here associated, or of which the first is ..."

2. Psychology by William James (1892)
"Even in forming our lists of instances according to Mill's methods, we are at the mercy of the spontaneous workings of similarity in our brain. ..."

3. Psychology: General Introduction by Charles Hubbard Judd (1907)
"Association by similarity. Association by contrast will be clear after the fore- a;oing discussion of association by similarity, ..."

4. Psychology: A Study of Mental Life by Robert Sessions Woodworth (1921)
"ASSOCIATION BY similarity Continuing their simplification of the laws of association, these older psychologists showed that resemblance and contrast ..."

5. The Law of Unfair Business Competition: Including Chapters on Trade Secrets by Harry Dwight Nims (1909)
"Test of similarity is general impression made, not detailed examination. 38. similarity does not mean exact likeness. 39. Care used by average buyer of the ..."

6. A Short History of Science by William Thompson Sedgwick, Harry Walter Tyler (1917)
"ANATOMICAL AND MICROSCOPICAL similarity OF ANIMALS AND PLANTS. ... No less surprising than the revelation of the chemical similarity ..."

7. A Short History of Science by William Thompson Sedgwick, Harry Walter Tyler (1917)
"The improved microscope of 1830-1850 now revealed a further and striking similarity, by showing that the organs in both plants and animals are made up of ..."

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