Definition of Sir joseph paxton

1. Noun. English architect (1801-1865).

Exact synonyms: Joseph Paxton, Paxton
Generic synonyms: Architect, Designer

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Literary usage of Sir joseph paxton

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society by Royal Horticultural Society (Great Britain). (1896)
"Fourth, Mr. George Edom, West Norwood, with bizarres sir joseph paxton feathered and ... Second, T. Haynes, Esq., with Mabel, Adonis, and sir joseph paxton. ..."

2. An Account of the Proceedings at the Dinner Given by Mr. George Peabody to by Henry Stevens (1851)
"Sir Charles Fox, and sir joseph paxton, were the " notables " of the evening. But of all these Sir Henry Bulwer occupied the floor to the greatest advantage ..."

3. German composition: A Theoretical and Practical Guide to the Art of by Hermann Lange (1895)
"sir joseph paxton was acting as gardener to2 the Duke of ... Asls Sir Joseph Paxton hi has shown, in a lecture before the Society of Arts, ..."

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