Definition of Sir leonard woolley

1. Noun. English archaeologist who supervised the excavations at Ur (1880-1960).

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Literary usage of Sir leonard woolley

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Ancient Magan: The Secrets of Tell Abraq by Daniel T. Potts (2000)
"The days when Sir Flinders P├ętrie, sir leonard woolley or Sir Mortimer Wheeler presented themselves as 'the' excavator of a site, when in reality they had a ..."

2. Mr Brouard's Odyssey by Diana Winsor (2004)
"Yet when sir leonard woolley made his celebrated excavation of what came to be known as the royal tombs of Ur in 1823, he found an extraordinary mix of ..."

3. A Bible for a Thoughtfull Skeptic by Thom Pain Jr., Thom Pain (2005)
"In his introduction to a description of the legal systems of ancient civilizations, sir leonard woolley comments: "It is, of course, obvious that no real ..."

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