Definition of Sir thomas wyat

1. Noun. English poet who introduced the sonnet form to English literature (1503-1542).

Exact synonyms: Sir Thomas Wyatt, Wyat, Wyatt
Generic synonyms: Poet

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Literary usage of Sir thomas wyat

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The British Bibliographer by Egerton Brydges, Joseph Haslewood (1810)
"sir thomas wyat, their son anil St. John's College Cambridge. He then travelled principally to Italy, whence he derived his most splendid ac- ..."

2. The History of English Poetry: From the Close of the Eleventh Century to the by Thomas Warton (1840)
"sir thomas wyat. Inferior to Surrey as a writer of Sonnets. Hit Life. His Genius characterised. Excels in Moral Poetry. WITH Surrey's Poems, Tottel has ..."

3. The Town: Its Memorable Characters and Events. St. Paul's to St. James's by Leigh Hunt (1848)
"Passages respecting him from Lingard, sir thomas wyat, and others. — His Additions to Whitehall. — A Retrospect at Elizabeth. — Court of James resumed. ..."

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