Definition of Smallholders

1. Noun. (plural of smallholder) ¹

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Definition of Smallholders

1. smallholder [n] - See also: smallholder

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smallholders (current term)

Literary usage of Smallholders

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Cover Crops in West Africa: Contributing to Sustainable Agriculture by Daniel Buckles (1998)
"For instance, in Nigeria, this legume is exploited by smallholders for agropastoral herds, small ruminants, and crop production. More recently, the concept ..."

2. Rural Denmark and Its Schools by Harold Waldstein Foght (1915)
"The schools have indeed already done much to make the smallholders' lot more tolerable and their work more profitable. They prepare the students for ..."

3. Rights Denied: The Roma of Hungary by Rachel Guglielmo, Human Rights Watch / Helsinki, Human Rights Watch Staff, Human rights watch-Helsinki, Human Rights Watch, Timothy Waters, Jeri Laber, Holly Cartner, Watch Human Rights (1996)
"They [smallholders] still deny it — but it is the truth, ... In June 1992 he was named leader of the smallholders National Youth Association. ..."

4. Scale and Access Issues Affecting Smallholder Hog Producers in an Expanding by Achilles Costales (2006)
"smallholders were also classified by type of pig-production activity. ... On the basis of the latter, a little less than half of the smallholders are ..."

5. Challenges to the 2020 Vision for Latin America: Food and Agriculture Since 1970 by James L. Garrett (1997)
"smallholders are in fact more important than their share of arable and permanent ... For the countries for which data are available, smallholders commonly ..."

6. Current Issues in Non-timber Forest Products Research: Proceedings of the by Manuel Ruiz Pérez, J. E. M. Arnold (1996)
"The decisions of Amazonian smallholders who manage forests are rarely ... Predictions of future benefits that are made by smallholders do not rely only on ..."

7. Sustainable Agriculture in Print: Current Books edited by Barry Leonard (1997)
"... making integrated pest management work in developing countries; changing farming practices of smallholders in Central America; women in agricultural ..."

8. International Review of Agricultural Economics by International Institute of Agriculture, Social Intelligence (1919)
"Since October 1913 the Scottish smallholders' Organization lias issued a monthly ... Thus, in the ways which have been outlined, the Scottish smallholders' ..."

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