Definition of Smellers

1. Noun. (plural of smeller) ¹

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Definition of Smellers

1. smeller [n] - See also: smeller

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Literary usage of Smellers

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. All about Coffee by William Harrison Ukers (1922)
"... and the first kaffeeklatsch— Frederick the Great's coffee-roasting monopoly — Coffee persecutions — "Coffee-smellers" — The first coffee king AS we have ..."

2. Manual of Botany for North America: Containing Generic and Specific by Amos Eaton (1836)
"smellers. Hairs of a peculiar kind, generally veiy stiff, growing on or near the nostrils of c;its. &c. ..."

3. Respiratory by Henry Lane Bruner, Lorenzo Camerano, Ermanno Giglio-Tos, Alfred Jaeger, Gustav Adolf Kriegbaum, Franklin Paine Mall, Friedrich Maurer, William Snow Miller, Charles Morris, Hans Walter Schmidt, Leo Steck, Robert Wiedersheim, Harris Hawthorne Wilder, Vic (1883)
"The olfactory medium may be either air or water. In adult amphibians the olfactory organ reaches a higher stage of development in air smellers than in water ..."

4. The Student, and Intellectual Observer (1869)
"In the pursuit of the females, those males who were good smellers, and those who were good claspers, might both be fortunate, and he accounts for the ..."

5. Eugenics and Other Evils by Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1922)
"The reason is that it is one thing to believe in witches, and quite another to believe in witch- >/ smellers. I have more respect for the old witch- finders ..."

6. The New Sporting Magazine (1840)
"smellers and myself first over the bound's wall," cries the Honourable George as he goes crashing into the paddock, overthe break, ..."

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