Definition of Social democratic party

1. Noun. A political party in Germany and Britain (and elsewhere) founded in late 19th century; originally Marxist; now advocates the gradual transformation of capitalism into democratic socialism.

Generic synonyms: Party, Political Party

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Literary usage of Social democratic party

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Troubled Birth of Russian Democracy: Parties, Personalities, and Programs by Michael McFaul, Sergei Markov (1993)
"... The Social-Democratic Party of Russia (SDPR) Although the Social Democrats did not officially form their party until May 1990, the cohesive core of this ..."

2. Economic Development of Modern Europe by Frederic Austin Ogg (1917)
"The total membership of the Social Democratic trade unions is at least twice as large as that of the Social Democratic party. A considerable proportion of ..."

3. The Arena by Harry Houdini Collection (Library of Congress) (1907)
"The recent clash in the Chicago ghetto between members of the Bund and of the social democratic party of the world is an example of this feeling. ..."

4. Socialism and the Social Movement by Werner Sombart (1898)
"fare of the working classes to consciousness and unity, to show the natural and necessary goal—that is the duty of the Social-Democratic Party. ..."

5. Russian Affairs by Geoffrey Drage (1904)
"APPENDIX 5 THE RUSSIAN social democratic party " Time*" December Hth, 1903 A SECRET congress of the Russian Social Democratic party was held recently and ..."

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