Definition of Soft roe

1. Noun. Fish sperm or sperm-filled reproductive gland; having a creamy texture.

Exact synonyms: Milt
Generic synonyms: Seafood

Definition of Soft roe

1. Noun. milt ¹

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Literary usage of Soft roe

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Retrospect of Philosophical, Mechanical, Chemical, and Agricultural Discoveries (1810)
"SOFT roe of carp is neither acid, nor alkaline j it does not yield ammonia by trituration with caustic potash, but forms a thick magma with it. ..."

2. A History of British Fishes by William Yarrell (1841)
"masses of fat, which are called soft roe; they remain, however, firm till the actual season of spawning, when they become by degrees more and more fluid, ..."

3. The Practical Teacher by Joseph Hughes (1885)
"Have the picture as before, and two fresh-herrings, a hard roe and a soft roe. Recapitulate a few facts respecting circulation and respiration, ..."

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