Definition of Soilborne

1. Adjective. Transported by means of soil. ¹

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Definition of Soilborne

1. [adj]

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Literary usage of Soilborne

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Forest and Conservation Nursery Associations: 1994 National Proceedings by Thomas D. Landis (1996)
"... Organic Soil Amendments as Potential Alternatives to Methyl Bromide for Control of soilborne Pathogens in Forest Tree ..."

2. DNA Fingerprinting and Plants (Including Pathogens): Sponsored CRIS/ICAR by Andrew Kalinski (1994)
"Methods for Research on soilborne Phytopathogenic Fungi. APS Press, St. Paul, MN. WORRALL, JJ, and HARRINGTON, TC 1991. Heterobasidion. in: LL Singleton, ..."

3. Molecular Markers in Plant Genome Analysis: Sponsored CRIS/ICAR Projects and by Andrew Kalinski (1995)
"To determine the components of genetic diversity of soilborne microorganisms that will facilitate the development of transformation systems, ..."

4. Pesticides: The Phaseout of Methyl Bromide in the U. S. by DIANE Publishing Company (1996)
"Relatively new plant production systems that eliminate soilborne pests by eliminating soil as the growing medium. Instead, technology uses water-retaining ..."

5. Dibble Sticks, Donkeys, and Diesels: Machines in Crop Production by Joseph K. Campbell (1990)
"It is used to kill soilborne diseases and organisms. A gastight cover is placed on ... (Note that methyl bromide can kill humans as well as soilborne pests! ..."

6. Rice Pest Science and Management: Selected Papers from the International by P. S. Teng, Kong Luen Heong, K. Moody (1994)
"soilborne nematodes are difficult to control. Because rice is not a high-value cash crop and because of human health and environmental hazards, ..."

7. Rice Science: Innovations and Impact for Livelihood by T. W. Mew, International Rice Research Institute (2003)
"It is interesting to observe that soilborne Fusarium is not usually a problem in organic farming because of crop rotations, incorporation of crop residues ..."

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