Definition of Solitons

1. Noun. (plural of soliton) ¹

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Definition of Solitons

1. soliton [n] - See also: soliton

Medical Definition of Solitons

1. Stable, shape-preserving and localised solutions of nonlinear classical field equations. Of recent interest as possible models of extended elementary particles. (09 Oct 1997)

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Literary usage of Solitons

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Differential Geometry and the Calculus of Variations by Robert Hermann (1977)
"I will not go into it here, but it is not hard to do. The had part will be to correctly generalize the notion of two-solitons, ..."

2. Toda Lattices, Cosymplectic Manifolds, Bäcklund Transformations, and Kinks by Robert Hermann (1977)
"Let us now substitute v = right hand side of (3.3) back into 0; the resulting solitons of 0 - 0 are called two-solitons. 4. THE TWO-solitons Set: ..."

3. Measurements for Competitiveness in Electronics (1994)
"Soliton Systems solitons are light pulses with a special smooth shape. They arise naturally in optical fibers when very short pulses of light with high peak ..."

4. Yang-Mills, Kaluza-Klein, and the Einstein Program by Robert Hermann (1978)
"Physically, “solitons” have certain stability properties, which are probably “enforced” by their nature on terms of conservation laws. 9 . ..."

5. Cartanian Geometry, Nonlinear Waves, and Control Theory. by Robert Hermann (1980)
"... ON HAMILTONIAN MECHANICS AND solitons The theory of “solitons” has become one of the most complicated and intricate subjects in all of mathematics. ..."

6. Technical Digest Symposium on Optical Fiber Measurements edited by P. A. Williams, G. W. Day (2001)
"In conclusion, it now is clearly evidenced that solitons have, from a systems viewpoint, ... It applies to conventional solitons as well as to DM solitons. ..."

7. The 1976 Ames Research Center (NASA) Conference on the Geometric Theory of by Robert Hermann (1977)
"solitons and Their Application, Lecture Notes in Mathematics,No.SIS, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, New York, 1976. J. Corones and FJ Testa, "Pseudopotentials and ..."

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