Definition of Someone

1. Noun. A human being. "There was too much for one person to do"

Exact synonyms: Individual, Mortal, Person, Somebody, Soul
Generic synonyms: Being, Organism, Causal Agency, Causal Agent, Cause
Terms within: Personality, Anatomy, Bod, Build, Chassis, Figure, Flesh, Form, Frame, Human Body, Material Body, Physical Body, Physique, Shape, Soma
Group relationships: People
Specialized synonyms: Self, Adult, Grownup, Adventurer, Venturer, Anomaly, Unusual Person, Applicant, Applier, Appointee, Appointment, Capitalist, Captor, Capturer, Changer, Modifier, Color-blind Person, Common Man, Common Person, Commoner, Communicator, Contestant, Coward, Creator, Controversialist, Disputant, Eristic, Applied Scientist, Engineer, Technologist, Entertainer, Experimenter, Expert, Face, Female, Female Person, Individualist, Denizen, Dweller, Habitant, Indweller, Inhabitant, Aboriginal, Aborigine, Indigen, Indigene, Native, Native, Inexperienced Person, Innocent, Intellect, Intellectual, Juvenile, Juvenile Person, Lover, Loved One, Leader, Male, Male Person, Money Dealer, Money Handler, National, Subject, Nonreligious Person, Nonworker, Compeer, Equal, Match, Peer, Beholder, Observer, Perceiver, Percipient, Percher, Forerunner, Precursor, Primitive, Primitive Person, Religious Person, Sensualist, Traveler, Traveller, Unfortunate, Unfortunate Person, Persona Non Grata, Unwelcome Person, Unskilled Person, Worker, African, Person Of Color, Person Of Colour, Black, Black Person, Blackamoor, Negro, Negroid, Caucasian, White, White Person, Amerindian, Native American, Slav, Gentile, Hebrew, Israelite, Jew, Aries, Ram, Bull, Taurus, Gemini, Twin, Cancer, Crab, Leo, Lion, Virgin, Virgo, Balance, Libra, Scorpio, Scorpion, Archer, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Goat, Aquarius, Water Bearer, Fish, Pisces, Abator, Abjurer, Abomination, Abstainer, Abstinent, Nondrinker, Achiever, Succeeder, Success, Winner, Acquaintance, Friend, Acquirer, Active, Actor, Doer, Worker, Adjudicator, Admirer, Adoptee, Adversary, Antagonist, Opponent, Opposer, Resister, Advisee, Advocate, Advocator, Exponent, Proponent, Affiant, Agnostic, Doubter, Amateur, Ancient, Anti, Anti-american, Apprehender, Appreciator, Archaist, Arrogator, Assessee, Asthmatic, Authority, Autodidact, Baby Boomer, Boomer, Baby Buster, Buster, Bad Guy, Bad Person, Baldhead, Baldpate, Baldy, Balker, Baulker, Noncompliant, Bullfighter, Toreador, Bather, Beard, Bedfellow, Bereaved, Bereaved Person, Best, Topper, Birth, Biter, Blogger, Blond, Blonde, Bluecoat, Bodybuilder, Muscle Builder, Muscle-builder, Musclebuilder, Muscleman, Bomber, Brunet, Brunette, Buster, Candidate, Prospect, Case, Cashier, Celebrant, Celebrater, Celebrator, Censor, Chameleon, Beguiler, Charmer, Baby, Child, Chutzpanik, Closer, Clumsy Person, Aggregator, Collector, Battler, Belligerent, Combatant, Fighter, Scrapper, Complexifier, Compulsive, Computer User, Contemplative, Convert, Ape, Aper, Copycat, Emulator, Imitator, Counter, Counterterrorist, Crawler, Creeper, Creature, Wight, Creditor, Cripple, Dancer, Social Dancer, Dead Person, Dead Soul, Deceased, Deceased Person, Decedent, Departed, Deaf Person, Debaser, Degrader, Debitor, Debtor, Defecator, Shitter, Voider, Delayer, Deliverer, Demander, Dieter, Differentiator, Discriminator, Disentangler, Unraveler, Unraveller, Contestant, Dissenter, Dissident, Objector, Protester, Divider, Domestic Partner, Significant Other, Spousal Equivalent, Spouse Equivalent, Double, Image, Look-alike, Dresser, Dribbler, Driveller, Drooler, Slobberer, Drug User, Substance Abuser, User, Dyslectic, Ectomorph, Effecter, Effector, Elizabethan, Emotional Person, Endomorph, Enjoyer, Enrollee, Ethnic, Adventurer, Explorer, Extravert, Extrovert, Faddist, Faller, Fastener, Fiduciary, First-rater, Follower, Free Agent, Free Spirit, Freewheeler, Friend, Fleer, Fugitive, Runaway, Gainer, Gainer, Weight Gainer, Gambler, Gatekeeper, Gatherer, Good Guy, Good Person, Granter, Greeter, Saluter, Welcomer, Grinner, Groaner, Grunter, Guesser, Handicapped Person, Hater, Heterosexual, Heterosexual Person, Straight, Straight Person, Gay, Homo, Homophile, Homosexual, Homunculus, Hope, Hoper, Huddler, Hugger, Immune, Insured, Insured Person, Interpreter, Introvert, Jat, Gem, Jewel, Jumper, Junior, Killer, Slayer, Relation, Relative, Kink, Kneeler, Knocker, Apprehender, Knower, Large Person, Latin, Laugher, Assimilator, Learner, Scholar, Left-hander, Lefty, Southpaw, Life, Lightning Rod, Linguist, Polyglot, Literate, Literate Person, Liver, Longer, Thirster, Yearner, Loose Cannon, Machine, Mailer, Malcontent, Man, Manipulator, Man Jack, Married, Masturbator, Onanist, Measurer, Nonmember, Mesomorph, Ladino, Mestizo, Middlebrow, Miracle Man, Miracle Worker, Misogamist, Mixed-blood, Modern, Monolingual, Mother Hen, Mouse, Maimer, Mangler, Mutilator, Namer, Namesake, Neglecter, Neighbor, Neighbour, Neutral, Nondescript, Nonparticipant, Nonpartisan, Nonpartizan, Nonperson, Unperson, Nonresident, Nonsmoker, Nude, Nude Person, Nurser, Occultist, Optimist, Orphan, Ostrich, Ejector, Ouster, Outcaste, Outdoorsman, Owner, Possessor, Coddler, Mollycoddler, Pamperer, Spoiler, Pansexual, Excuser, Forgiver, Pardoner, Partner, Party, Passer, Personage, Personification, Perspirer, Sweater, Philosopher, Chooser, Picker, Selector, Pisser, Urinator, Contriver, Deviser, Planner, Player, Posturer, Powderer, Preserver, Propositus, Public Relations Person, Pursuer, Pussycat, Quarter, Quitter, Radical, Realist, Rectifier, Carrottop, Red-header, Redhead, Redheader, Registrant, Allayer, Comforter, Reliever, Repeater, Recoverer, Rescuer, Saver, Rester, Controller, Restrainer, Revenant, Have, Rich Person, Wealthy Person, Right Hander, Right-hander, Righthander, Riser, Romper, Roundhead, Ruler, Swayer, Rusher, Scientist, Scratcher, Mediocrity, Second-rater, Cloud Seeder, Seeder, Quester, Searcher, Seeker, Segregate, Romanticist, Sentimentalist, Sex Object, Sex Symbol, Mover And Shaker, Shaker, Showman, Signatory, Signer, Simple, Simpleton, Six-footer, Skidder, Slider, Slipper, Slave, Slave, Sleepyhead, Sloucher, Small Person, Smasher, Smiler, Sneezer, Sniffer, Sniffler, Sniveler, Snuffer, Snuffler, Socialiser, Socializer, Sort, Sounding Board, Sphinx, Expectorator, Spitter, Sport, Sprawler, Spurner, Squint-eye, Squinter, Smotherer, Stifler, Stigmatic, Stigmatist, Stooper, Stranger, Struggler, Case, Guinea Pig, Subject, Supernumerary, Surrenderer, Yielder, Survivalist, Survivor, Suspect, Tagger, Tagger, Tapper, Tempter, Termer, Scourge, Terror, Threat, Testate, Testator, Scrag, Skin And Bones, Thin Person, Third-rater, Thrower, Tiger, Totemist, Toucher, Transfer, Transferee, Transexual, Transsexual, Cross-dresser, Transvestite, Attempter, Essayer, Trier, Turner, Tyrant, Opener, Undoer, Unfastener, Untier, User, Vanisher, Dupe, Victim, Victorian, Visionary, Visually Impaired Person, Waiter, Waker, Walk-in, Needer, Wanter, Ward, Warrior, Watcher, Doormat, Weakling, Wuss, Weasel, Squirmer, Wiggler, Wriggler, Winker, Withholder, Witness, Worldling, Yawner
Derivative terms: Individualize, Mortal, Personhood, Personify

Definition of Someone

1. Pronoun. some person. ¹

2. Noun. A partially specified but unnamed person. ¹

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Definition of Someone

1. a somebody [n -S] - See also: somebody

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Literary usage of Someone

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Grammar of the German Language: Designed for a Thoro and Practical Study by George Oliver Curme (1922)
"to; eine Frage — an einen to put a question to someone; etwas — auf (with ace.) to direct, point something at; sich — nach to conform to, regulate one's ..."

2. Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of English Usage by Inc. Merriam-Webster (1994)
"Somebody and someone are two of those curious indefinite pronouns that take a singular verb but are often referred to by the plural pronouns they, their, ..."

3. Maintaining Budgetary Discipline: Spending and Revenue Options edited by Sherry Snyder (1999)
"Respondents' Reports of Having Been Approached by someone Selling Drugs Table 11.2 shows the percentage of respondents who reported that they had been ..."

4. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease by Philadelphia Neurological Society, American Neurological Association, Chicago Neurological Society, New York Neurological Association (1906)
"... a mechanic, after a long period of hard, responsible work, received a shock by seeing someone injured. A few hours later without especial cause he felt ..."

5. Folklore by Folklore Society (Great Britain), Joseph Jacobs, Alfred Trübner Nutt, Arthur Robinson Wright, William Crooke (1904)
"The lengthy bellowing of a bull foretells the death of someone. ... The breaking of a green branch indicates the death of someone near by. ..."

6. The Connoisseur by George Colman, B. Thornton (1905)
"It is not pleasant to be compelled to pose as an iconoclast, but this particular idol must be shattered by someone. The evidence is so strong as to be ..."

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