Definition of Sound projection

1. Noun. The acoustic phenomenon that gives sound a penetrating quality. "A prime ingredient of public speaking is projection of the voice"

Exact synonyms: Acoustic Projection, Projection
Generic synonyms: Acoustic Phenomenon
Derivative terms: Project

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Literary usage of Sound projection

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Managing Audiovisual Records by William T. Murphy (1998)
"... an intermediate master positive or duplicate negative plus matching sound track (optical preferred); and a sound projection print and video recording, ..."

2. The Montreal Medical Journal edited by George Edgeworth Fenwick, Thomas George Roddick, George Ross (1892)
"... but we should reasonably look for a sound projection apparatus, and judging by the comparative anatomy of the fish, for instance, as already noted, ..."

3. The Act of Touch in All Its Diversity: An Analysis and Synthesis of by Tobias Matthay (1903)
"... is for this reason usually provided with more depth m key-descent (to render pp easier) than is an instrument that has a more gradual sound-projection ..."

4. In Praise of Film Studies: Essays in Honor of Makino Mamoruby Mark Howard Nornes, Mamoru Makino, Aaron Gerow by Mark Howard Nornes, Mamoru Makino, Aaron Gerow (2001)
"52 Sound, Projection ;£ 521 Sound 522 Projection 53 Architecture 531 Architecture Industry, Company Histories, Business Management 61 Industry 611 Industry ..."

5. The U.S. Grinnell Expedition in Search of Sir John Franklin: A Personal by Elisha Kent Kane (1854)
"Every thing else was fairly afloat: even the India-rubber boat, which during our troubles had found a resting-place on a sound projection of the floe close ..."

6. The Frozen Zone and Its Explorers: A Comprehensive History of Voyages by Alexander Hyde, Abraham Chittenden Baldwin, William Leonard Gage (1880)
"... which during our troubles had found a resting-place on a sound projection of the floe by us, had to be taken in. This, I may say, was a fearful ..."

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