Definition of Sour dock

1. Noun. European sorrel with large slightly acidic sagittate leaves grown throughout north temperate zone for salad and spring greens.

Exact synonyms: Garden Sorrel, Rumex Acetosa
Terms within: Common Sorrel, Sorrel
Generic synonyms: Dock, Sorrel, Sour Grass

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Literary usage of Sour dock

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Plant Names, Scientific and Popular, Including in the Case of Each Plant the by Albert Brown Lyons (1900)
"R. crispus L. British America and US throughout. Yellow Dock, Curled Dock, Narrow Dock, sour dock*. Root "of this and other species, notably (g) and (h)"; ..."

2. A Dictionary of medical terminology, dental surgery, and the collateral sciences by Chapin Aaron Harris, Ferdinand James Samuel Gorgas (1882)
"The common sorrel, or sour-dock, used in some countries rei. a wholesome culinary vegetable. A de- tiou of the leaves is supposed to pos- te-~ depurative ..."

3. Sessional Papers by Ontario Legislative Assembly (1917)
"Wild buckwheat and oats, sour dock, white cockle, bladder campion, ... Canada thistle, sour dock, sow thistle, ragweed, perennial sow thistle, wild oats. ..."

4. King's American Dispensatory by John King, Harvey Wickes Felter, John Uri Lloyd (1900)
"The term sour dock has been given to it probably on account of the sourness of the petioles, and which is due to the oxalic acid they contain. ..."

5. First Principles of Agriculture by Emmett Stull Goff, Dexter Dwight Mayne (1918)
"Young sow thistles, sour dock (called, also: Yellow dock, Curled dock, Narrow dock, ... The sour dock is a rank, coarse, deep-rooting perennial weed. ..."

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