Definition of South korean won

1. Noun. The basic unit of money in South Korea.

Exact synonyms: Won
Generic synonyms: South Korean Monetary Unit
Terms within: Chon

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Literary usage of South korean won

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Evictions and the Right to Housing: Experience from Canada, Chile, the by Antonio Azuela (1998)
"... Olympic Committee JCC Johannesburg City Council [Johannesburg, South Africa] JTC joint technical committee [South Africa] KPW South Korean won ..."

2. Towards Asia's Sustainable Development: The Role of Social Protection by Oecd (2002)
"The Indonesian rupiah was devalued in August 1997, and the South Korean won depreciated significantly after November. Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, ..."

3. International Energy Outlook 98: With Projections Thru 2020 edited by Mary Hutzler, Linda Doman, Arthur T. Anderson (1998)
"... has risen by 61 percent against the Thai baht, nearly 43 percent against the Malaysian ringitt, and more than 45 percent against the South Korean won. ..."

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