Definition of Sparring

1. Noun. An argument in which the participants are trying to gain some advantage.

2. Noun. Making the motions of attack and defense with the fists and arms; a part of training for a boxer.
Exact synonyms: Spar
Generic synonyms: Boxing, Fisticuffs, Pugilism
Derivative terms: Spar

Definition of Sparring

1. Noun. The act of sparring. ¹

2. Verb. (present participle of spar) ¹

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Definition of Sparring

1. spar [v] - See also: spar

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Literary usage of Sparring

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. In Sickness and in Health: A Manual of Domestic Medicine and Surgery by James West Roosevelt (1896)
"sparring, for example, which is one of the finest educators of health, strength, ... sparring can be and often is brutal, and football, unfortunately, ..."

2. Notes and Queries by Martim de Albuquerque (1861)
"After some sparring through the press, Mr. Anderson and hi, partisans at length, in 1756, determined to bring the matter before the General Assembly. ..."

3. Public Papers of Governor by New York (State). Governor (1908)
"This section of the Penal Code, in addition to the prohibition of prize fighting, prohibits public or private sparring exhibitions, with or without gloves, ..."

4. Life and Letters of Edwin Lawrence Godkin by Edwin Lawrence Godkin (1907)
"There was some theological sparring by Dr. Hedge, which Mr. Godkin put aside with his usual tenacity of controversy, and finally secured a full retraction ..."

5. Omniana; Or, Horae Otiosiores by Robert] [Southey, Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1812)
"Text sparring. When 1 hear (as who now can travel twenty miles in a stage coach without the probability of hearing !) an ignorant religionist quote an ..."

6. Historical Memoirs of My Own Time by Nathaniel William Wraxall (1815)
"... and as Johnson might be justly esteemed a violent, as well as a bigotted Tory, much political sparring occasionally took place between them, ..."

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