Definition of Spherical aberration

1. Noun. An optical aberration resulting in a distorted image.

Definition of Spherical aberration

1. Noun. (optics) A type of lens aberration which causes blurriness, particularly away from the centre of the lens. ¹

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Medical Definition of Spherical aberration

1. A lens defect in which image forming rays passing through the outer zones of the lens focus at a distance from the principal plane, different from that of the rays passing through the centre of the lens. The aberration caused by (near-paraxial) monochromatic light rays or electron beams passing through different radii of a lens not coming to the same focus. (05 Aug 1998)

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Literary usage of Spherical aberration

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. An Introduction to Natural Philosophy: Designed as a Text-book, for the Use by Denison Olmsted (1858)
"272, the greatest spherical aberration is 4 J times mn, the thickness of the lens. ... The lens which has the least spherical aberration, is a double convex ..."

2. An Introduction to Natural Philosophy: Designed as a Textbook in Physics for by Denison Olmsted, Ebenezer Strong Snell, Rodney Glentwork Kimball, Samuel Sheldon (1891)
"Lenses, or combinations which are free from spherical aberration, are said to be Aplanatic. By lessening the aperture of a lens by a suitable diaphragm, ..."

3. A Treatise on Optics by David Brewster (1831)
"In order to understand the cause of spherical aberration, let LL be a plano-convex lens one of whose surfaces is spherical, and let its plane surface LmL be ..."

4. The Microscope: Excerpts from The Museum of Science and Art by Dionysius Lardner (1856)
"This sort of indistinctness, called spherical aberration, has been fully explained in our Tract upon " Optical Images," and the general principles, ..."

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