Definition of Spiccato

1. Noun. Bowing in such a way that the bow bounces lightly off the strings.

Exact synonyms: Spiccato Bowing
Generic synonyms: Bowing

Definition of Spiccato

1. a. Detached; separated; -- a term indicating that every note is to be performed in a distinct and pointed manner.

Definition of Spiccato

1. a method of playing a stringed instrument [n -TOS]

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Literary usage of Spiccato

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Violin Playing as I Teach it by Leopold Auer (1921)
"THE spiccato sautille (spiccato WITH BOUNCING, SPRINGING Bow) I have always taught the spiccato with bouncing, springing bow by means of a very slight ..."

2. Violin Playing as I Teach it by Leopold Auer (1921)
"... natural predisposition to the stroke, and his wrist must be capable of functioning as though impelled by a spring of the finest steel. THE spiccato ..."

3. Violin Teaching and Violin Study: Rules and Hints for Teachers and Students by Eugene Gruenberg (1919)
"There are two distinctly different kinds of spiccato, viz., the artificial ... V; ' (a) The artificial spiccato is used only in passages of moderate speed, ..."

4. Violin Teaching and Violin Study: Rules and Hints for Teachers and Students by Eugene Gruenberg (1919)
"While the sustained stroke is performed by means of a continuously even, and the hammered stroke by means of a continuous but uneven friction, the spiccato ..."

5. The Mastery of the Bow and Bowing Subtleties: A Text-book for Teachers and by Paul Stoeving (1920)
"At this juncture hand and forearm are forced to dissolve partnership, the bow must be made to rebound automatically and the slow and moderate spiccato ..."

6. Modern Violin-playing by Samuel B. Grimson, Cecil Forsyth (1920)
"The best way is to begin the practice of the light spiccato at a rather quick tempo, ... When it comes to putting the spiccato to practical use, ..."

7. True Principles of the Art of Violin-playing by George Lehmann (1899)
"When, by the usual methods, a pupil seems unable to acquire the spiccato stroke, I can generally rely on a method seemingly opposed to spiccato work, ..."

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