Definition of Spike oil

1. Noun. Pale yellow essential oil obtained from spike lavender used in scenting soaps and cosmetics.

Exact synonyms: Spike Lavender Oil
Substance meronyms: French Lavender, Lavandula Latifolia, Spike Lavender
Generic synonyms: Oil

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Literary usage of Spike oil

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature and (1911)
"Pure spike oil may also be washed over the ground before painting " to rr.clt the ... The spike oil is " the one common solvent of all the materials; ..."

2. Allen's Commercial Organic Analysis: A Treatise on the Properties, Modes of by Alfred Henry Allen (1911)
"The optical rotation of spike oil ranges from —3° to +4°, rarely up to +7°. Oils exceeding a rotation of +5° should be regarded with suspicion. ..."

3. Technical Methods of Chemical Analysis by Georg Lunge, Charles Alexander Keane, E. Adam, P. Aulich, T. L. Bailey, C. O. Bannister (1914)
"spike oil.—Distilled from the flowers of Lavandula Spica, DC. a150 0-905-0-915; aD dextrorotatory to +7°; soluble in 1-5-3 v°ls- of 70 per cent, alcohol. ..."

4. The Volatile Oils by Eduard Gildemeister, Friedrich Hoffmann (1900)
"Gesner used the name spike oil only and described the distillation of the spike ... spike oil is mentioned in the oldest drug and price ordinances of German ..."

5. Proceedings of the American Pharmaceutical Association at the Annual Meeting by American Pharmaceutical Association, National Pharmaceutical Convention (1912)
"Dalmatian spike oil—Satisfactory Quality.—Schimmel & Co. state that two samples of spike oil distilled in Dalmatia were recently submitted by them to ..."

6. The Chemistry of Essential Oils and Artificial Perfumes by Ernest John Parry (1908)
"spike oil being usually dextro-rotary causes a diminution in the rotary power ... Mixtures of spike oil and French lavender oil can be made having the same ..."

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