Medical Definition of Spinal arteries

1. Branches of the following arteries which supply the meninges, the roots of the spinal nerves, and in some cases, the spinal cord: 1) vertebral, 2) ascending cervical, 3) dorsal branch of posterior intercostal I to XI, 4) dorsal branch of subcostal, 5) dorsal branch of lumbar arteries, 6) lumbar branch of iliolumbar, 7) lateral sacral; all spinal arteries give rise to radicular arteries supplying dorsal and ventral roots of spinal nerves, but some (4-9), are large enough to reach and anastomose with the anterior and posterior spinal arteries. Synonym: rami radiculares. See: medullary spinal arteries, arteria radicularis magna. Synonym: rami spinales. (05 Mar 2000)

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