Definition of Spirit gum

1. Noun. An adhesive solution made of gum and ether and used to attach false hair to skin.

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Literary usage of Spirit gum

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Scientific American Cyclopedia of Formulas: Partly Based Upon the 28th by Albert Allis Hopkins (1910)
"spirit gum for.—1.—spirit gum is the name applied to an alcoholic solution of rosins employed for fastening false beards to the face. ..."

2. Amateur Theatricals: A Practical Guide by C. Lang Neil (1904)
"15 and 16 show the act of pressing down the sides of the wig to make it adhere firmly; a little spirit gum should be used for this purpose, but care must be ..."

3. The London Journal of Arts and Sciences by William Newton (1824)
"Isinglass dissolved in weak spirit, gum acacia, simple or pure aluminous paste, &c. suffice. The varnish, either that in common use, or the following, ..."

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