Definition of Spiritualism

1. Noun. (theology) any doctrine that asserts the separate existence of God.

Generic synonyms: Theological Doctrine
Derivative terms: Spiritualistic

2. Noun. The belief that the spirits of dead people can communicate with people who are still alive (especially via a medium).
Generic synonyms: Belief
Examples of category: Ectoplasm
Derivative terms: Spiritualist, Spiritualistic

3. Noun. Concern with things of the spirit.
Exact synonyms: Otherworldliness, Spiritism, Spirituality
Generic synonyms: Internality, Inwardness
Derivative terms: Otherworldly, Spiritualist, Spiritual
Antonyms: Worldliness

Definition of Spiritualism

1. n. The quality or state of being spiritual.

Definition of Spiritualism

1. Noun. A philosophic doctrine, opposing materialism, that claims transcendency of the divine being, the altogether spiritual character of reality and the value of inwardness of consciousness. ¹

2. Noun. A belief that the dead communicate with the living through a medium having special powers. ¹

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Definition of Spiritualism

1. [n -S]

Medical Definition of Spiritualism

1. 1. The quality or state of being spiritual. 2. The doctrine, in opposition to the materialists, that all which exists is spirit, or soul that what is called the external world is either a succession of notions impressed on the mind by the Deity, as maintained by Berkeley, or else the mere educt of the mind itself, as taught by Fichte. 3. A belief that departed spirits hold intercourse with mortals by means of physical phenomena, as by rappng, or during abnormal mental states, as in trances, or the like, commonly manifested through a person of special susceptibility, called a medium; spiritism; the doctrines and practices of spiritualists. "What is called spiritualism should, I think, be called a mental species of materialism." (R. H. Hutton) Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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