Definition of Spotted skunk

1. Noun. Small skunk with a marbled black and white coat; of United States and Mexico.

Exact synonyms: Little Spotted Skunk, Spilogale Putorius
Generic synonyms: Polecat, Skunk, Wood Pussy
Group relationships: Genus Spilogale, Spilogale

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Literary usage of Spotted skunk

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Journal of Heredity by American Genetic Association (1917)
"The spotted skunk is generally too small for profitable fur breeding, and due to the peculiar ... When the pelt of the spotted skunk is placed on the ..."

2. Description of a New Species of Sea Snake from the Philippine Islands: With by John Van Denburgh, Joseph Cheesman Thompson (1908)
"Spilogale phenax phenax Merriam California spotted skunk Original description—Spilogale ... Spilogale phenax latifrons Merriam Oregon spotted skunk Original ..."

3. California Mammals by Frank Stephens (1906)
"The odor of the spotted skunk- is more pungent than that of the larger species ... Sometimes a spotted skunk will eat a bit of fresh meat while still in the ..."

4. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington by Biological Society of Washington (1903)
"The accompanying plate is presented in order to bring out clearly the resemblance of Catesby's figure to the little spotted skunk and its dissimilarity to ..."

5. The Mammals of Colorado: An Account of the Several Species Found Within the by Edward Royal Warren (1910)
"The Arizona spotted skunk is found in central and southern Arizona, western New Mexico, and adjacent parts of Mexico, and has been taken at two Colorado ..."

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