Definition of Sprawl

1. Noun. An aggregation or continuous network of urban communities.

Exact synonyms: Conurbation, Urban Sprawl
Specialized synonyms: Subtopia
Generic synonyms: Populated Area, Urban Area
Specialized synonyms: Luda, Luta

2. Verb. Sit or lie with one's limbs spread out. "There sprawl some children in the rocking chair"
Generic synonyms: Sit, Sit Down, Lie
Specialized synonyms: Spread-eagle
Derivative terms: Sprawler, Sprawling

3. Noun. An ungainly posture with arms and legs spread about.
Exact synonyms: Sprawling
Generic synonyms: Attitude, Position, Posture
Derivative terms: Sprawly

4. Verb. Go, come, or spread in a rambling or irregular way. ; "Branches straggling out quite far"
Exact synonyms: Straggle
Generic synonyms: Distribute, Spread
Derivative terms: Straggle

Definition of Sprawl

1. v. i. To spread and stretch the body or limbs carelessly in a horizontal position; to lie with the limbs stretched out ungracefully.

Definition of Sprawl

1. Verb. To sit with the limbs spread out. ¹

2. Verb. To spread out in a disorderly fashion; to straggle. ¹

3. Noun. An ungainly sprawling posture. ¹

4. Noun. A straggling, haphazard growth, especially of housing on the edge of a city. ¹

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Definition of Sprawl

1. to stretch out ungracefully [v -ED, -ING, -S]

Medical Definition of Sprawl

1. 1. To spread and stretch the body or limbs carelessly in a horizontal position; to lie with the limbs stretched out ungracefully. 2. To spread irregularly, as vines, plants, or tress; to spread ungracefully, as chirography. 3. To move, when lying down, with awkward extension and motions of the limbs; to scramble in creeping. "The birds were not fledged; but upon sprawling and struggling to get clear of the flame, down they tumbled." (L'Estrange) Origin: OE. Spraulen; cf. Sw. Sprattla to sprawl, dial. Sw. Spralla, Dan. Spaelle, spraelde, D. Spartelen, spertelen, to flounder, to struggle. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Sprawl

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. An Etymological Dictionary of the English Language by Walter William Skeat (1893)
"Thus sprawl is, practically, the frequentative of sfar, to kick, to box; and signifies 'to keep on sparring,' to be continually tossing the limbs about. ..."

2. Towards a New Role for Spatial Planning by OECD Staff, Oecd, (Paris) Organisation for Economic Co-ope (2001)
"This movement is being driven by growing public concern about suburban sprawl and its impacts: metropolitan highway congestion, urban disinvestment, ..."

3. Post Ex Sub Dis: Urban Fragmentations and Constructions by Ghent Urban Studies Team (2002)
"Most of the non-retail-related economic growth happens far outside of its Central Business District. So sprawl has become a rather messy phenomenon. ..."

4. Military Geography for Professionals and the Public by John M. Collins (2000)
"URBAN sprawl Half of all people on Planet Earth live in urban communities, butthat number will reach two- thirds by 2025 if expectations prove correct. ..."

5. Deep-sea Fishing and Fishing Boats: An Account of the Practical Working of by Edmund William Hunt Holdsworth (1874)
"The handline is about 45 fathoms long, having at the end a sinker of lead of from 5^ to 7 pounds weight, with a LEAD AND sprawl-WIRE OP COD-LISE. stout iron ..."

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