Definition of Squared

1. Adjective. Having been made square.

Similar to: Square

Definition of Squared

1. Verb. (past of square) ¹

2. Adjective. (mathematics) raised to the second power ¹

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Definition of Squared

1. square [v] - See also: square

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Literary usage of Squared

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Schoolmaster's Assistant: Being a Compendium of Arithmetic, Both by Thomas Dilworth (1818)
"A. Any number involved ten times, produces a squared ... 2. What is the root of this squared square i ii. What is the root of this squared square / cube ..."

2. Introduction to Mathematical Statistics by Carl Joseph West (1918)
"Determine the mean squared deviation about the arithmetic mean of the data of Student ... The above method of computing the mean squared deviation involves ..."

3. Forest Mensuration by Herman Haupt Chapman (1921)
"The ton as ordinarily used in measuring timber is a cubic measure equivalent to either 40 or to 50 cubic feet and is usually applied to squared timbers. ..."

4. A Treatise on Masonry Construction by Ira Osborn Baker (1889)
"squared-stone Masonry. Work in which the stones are roughly squared and ... The distinction between squared-stone masonry and ashlar (§ 19C) lies in the ..."

5. Inspection of the Materials and Workmanship Employed in Construction: A by Austin Thomas Byrne (1898)
"The distinction between squared-stone masonry and ashlar lies in the ... In this class of masonry the stones are roughly squared and roughly dressed on beds ..."

6. Mechanics' and Engineers' Pocket-book of Tables, Rules, and Formulas by Charles Haynes Haswell (1920)
"50 cube feet of squared ) , . 120 deals ......... = i hundred. ... Kon<i'hly squared b>^ or trunk of a tree. Planks are boards 12 ins. in width. ..."

7. General Mathematics by Raleigh Schorling, William David Reeve (1919)
"squared paper. squared paper is another important device which is often useful ... squared paper is ruled either to inches and fractions of an inch (used by ..."

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