Definition of Stampeders

1. stampeder [n] - See also: stampeder

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Literary usage of Stampeders

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Belden, the White Chief: Or, Twelve Years Among the Wild Indians of the Plains by George Pfauts Belden (1875)
"of the stampeders, and saw the herd going pell- mell over the hill, closely followed by our men. I immediately withdrew, so as to cover the herd, ..."

2. Adventure Guide to the Alaska Highway by Ed Readicker-Henderson (2001)
"Many stampeders never reached the goldfields but instead lost everything to one of the myriad of conmen waiting at the docks. During the first year of the ..."

3. The Klondike Stampede by Tappan Adney, Edwin Tappan Adney (1899)
"The creek, which was called Sulphur Creek, was staked by successive waves of stampeders. During the winter about a dozen holes were put down at intervals ..."

4. Three Years in the Klondike by Jeremiah Lynch (1904)
"But, alas ! when Harry asked the owner, ' When can we have something to eat ?' he sharply replied : 'Ain't got nothing. The stampeders took all our grub. ..."

5. Three Years in the Klondike by Jeremiah Lynch (1904)
"The sleds of the stampeders who preceded them had trampled it down on the ice ... There were a few stampeders who had no tent, and Berry was of these. ..."

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