Definition of Stan laurel

1. Noun. United States slapstick comedian (born in England) who played the scatterbrained and often tearful member of the Laurel and Hardy duo who made many films (1890-1965).

Exact synonyms: Arthur Stanley Jefferson Laurel, Laurel
Group relationships: Laurel And Hardy
Generic synonyms: Comedian, Comic

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Literary usage of Stan laurel

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. London, England and Wales by David Arscott (1998)
"The picturesque little market town of Ulverston is the birthplace of Stan Laurel (1890-1965), commemorated in the Laurel and Hardy Museum. ..."

2. Best Dives of the Western Hemisphere by Joyce Huber (1999)
"stan laurel and Oliver Hardy were among the many Hollywood favorites that frequented Avalon. American author Zane Grey's former home sits high above Avalon ..."

3. Hollywood & the Best of Los Angeles Alive!by Robert White, Phyllis White by Robert White, Phyllis White (2002)
"... ("De Lawd" in The Green Pastures), Buster Keaton, Ernie Kovacs, stan laurel, Charles Laugh- ton, Liberace, Ozzie Nelson, Freddie Prinze and Jack Webb. ..."

4. Mike Leibig Traveling in Disguise by Michael T. Leibig (2003)
"She worked and lived and loved. She did not chose the better portion — she chose the whole thing. Like when Hardy offered half his coke to stan laurel. ..."

5. 1967! by Ann Owen, Lawrence A. Murray (1994)
"This makes an author feel like Oliver Hardy who, after getting up, is felled again by the next inadvertant swing of a stan laurel 2X6. ..."

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