Definition of Standard transmission

1. Noun. A transmission that is operated manually with a gear lever and a clutch pedal.

Exact synonyms: Stick Shift
Generic synonyms: Transmission, Transmission System

Definition of Standard transmission

1. Noun. (automotive) Mechanical transmission which shifts gears by the action of the driver's hand on the gearstick or gear lever, rather than automatically; a manual gearbox. ¹

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Literary usage of Standard transmission

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Experimental Electrical Engineering and Manual for Electrical Testing for by Vladimir Karapetoff (1922)
"... comparing the transmission loss of an actual circuit with a definite standard, transmission measurements over actual telephone lines are now made with a ..."

2. The Technical World Magazine (1910)
"Large manufacturers everywhere have adopted the Dodge Line as their standard transmission equipment. For it embraces everything for the mechanical ..."

3. American Telephone Practice by Kempster Blanchard Miller (1905)
"... for a cable of given length which is desired to give this standard transmission. If it is desired to find out what length of No. ..."

4. Decisions by California Public Utilities Commission (1922)
"Service from transmission lines at standard transmission voltage. The rate is the same as that set forth under rate (A) above less 10 per cent. ..."

5. Belt Conveyors and Belt Elevators by Frederic Valerius Hetzel (1922)
"The crown of standard transmission pulleys is J inch on the diameter per foot of faceā€”that is, the face of a pulley for a 12-inch belt is Yg inch higher in ..."

6. Experimental Wireless Stations: Their Theory, Design, Construction and by Philip E. Edelman (1914)
"This standard transmission calls for a range of erne mile for every ten watts of energy which is used at the ..."

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