Definition of Stark

1. Adverb. Completely. "Mouth stark open"

2. Adjective. Devoid of any qualifications or disguise or adornment. "Facing the stark reality of the deadline"

Exact synonyms: Blunt, Crude
Similar to: Unconditional, Unconditioned
Derivative terms: Starkness

3. Adjective. Severely simple. "A stark interior"
Exact synonyms: Austere, Severe, Stern
Similar to: Plain
Derivative terms: Austereness, Severeness, Starkness, Sternness

4. Adjective. Complete or extreme. "A stark contrast"
Similar to: Immoderate
Derivative terms: Starkness

5. Adjective. Without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers. "The unadulterated truth"

6. Adjective. Providing no shelter or sustenance. "A stark landscape"
Exact synonyms: Bare, Barren, Bleak, Desolate
Similar to: Inhospitable
Derivative terms: Bareness, Barren, Barrenness, Bleakness, Starkness

Definition of Stark

1. a. Stiff; rigid.

2. adv. Wholly; entirely; absolutely; quite; as, stark mind.

3. v. t. To stiffen.

Definition of Stark

1. Adjective. (obsolete) hard, firm; obdurate. ¹

2. Adjective. severe; violent; fierce (now usually in describing the weather) ¹

3. Adjective. (archaic) strong; vigorous; powerful. ¹

4. Adjective. stiff, rigid ¹

5. Adjective. hard in appearance; barren, desolate ¹

6. Adjective. complete, absolute, full ¹

7. Adverb. starkly; entirely, absolutely ¹

8. Verb. (obsolete or dialect) To stiffen. ¹

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Definition of Stark

1. harsh in appearance [adj STARKER, STARKEST] : STARKLY [adv]

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Literary usage of Stark

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"One of his appeals was to the veteran John stark, the comrade of Putnam in the ... But stark was soured with government, and had retired from service, ..."

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6. The New England Historical and Genealogical Register by Henry Fitz-Gilbert Waters (1867)
"stark was ready for sea, the authorities at Bilboa offered the commander ... stark, and on being hailed gave the name of an English ship from Whitehaven. ..."

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