Definition of Starting gate

1. Noun. A movable barrier on the starting line of a race course.

Exact synonyms: Starting Stall
Generic synonyms: Barrier

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Literary usage of Starting gate

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Baily's Magazine of Sports and Pastimes (1901)
"The starting gate in England. FROM AN AUSTRALIAN STANDPOINT. ... So strongly rooted was the prejudice against the starting gate, that there are doubtless ..."

2. Athletics and Mathematics in Archaic Corinth: The Origins of the Greek Stadionby David Gilman Romano by David Gilman Romano (1993)
"... a distance between 300 and 400 meters, the starting gate system could definitely have been a factor in the outcome of the competitions. ..."

3. Baily's Magazine of Sports and Pastimes (1899)
"The last person I should ask for an opinion on the starting-gate would be a jockey, but the jockeys are the power that is most potent in preventing the ..."

4. The Badminton Magazine of Sports & Pastimes edited by Alfred Edward Thomas Watson (1900)
"We are to see the starting gate, in spite of the strenuous opposition of the great majority of those who are most closely interested in racing, ..."

5. Sporting Reminiscences by Thomas Haydon (1898)
"I refer to the starting gate; but opinions as to its utility and practicability appear to be somewhat mixed, at least as far as English critics are ..."

6. The English Turf: A Record of Horses and Courses by Charles Richardson (1901)
"With the starting-gate coming into universal use most of the trouble at the start will have disappeared. Another great disadvantage of five-furlong racing ..."

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