Definition of Statism

1. n. The art of governing a state; statecraft; policy.

Definition of Statism

1. Noun. The belief that the centralization of power in a state is the ideal or best way to organize humanity. ¹

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Definition of Statism

1. a theory of government [n -S]

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Literary usage of Statism

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Socialism Versus the State by Emile Vandervelde (1919)
"CHAPTER V SOCIALISM AND statism As we reach the close of this study, we believe we have shown what differentiates statism from socialism. ..."

2. Federalism: The Australian Experience by Cheryl Saunders (1997)
"This political theory emphasized the self-organization and self-government of normatively homogeneous commonwealths. 3.4 Federalism and Modem statism Soon ..."

3. Guild Socialism: An Historical and Critical Analysis by Niles Carpenter (1922)
"The Anii-statism of syndicalism appears to have made a definite impress on the Guildsmen. Partly because of their semi-anarchistic origin, ..."

4. For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto by Murray Newton Rothbard (2006)
"Happily for the cause of liberty, not only has a crisis of statism arrived in the ... Hence, these breakdowns of statism have had a synergistic effect, ..."

5. Making Economic Sense by Murray Newton Rothbard (2006)
"Add to this Keynes's personal charm, and the fact that his allegedly revolutionary theory put the imprimatur of "economic science" behind statism and ..."

6. Russia, Ukraine, and the Breakup of the Soviet Union by Roman Szporluk (2000)
"In this aspect the thrust of "statism" is directed against the non-Russian nationalities of the USSR, rather than against the regime in Moscow, ..."

7. Breaking with Communism: The Intellectual Odyssey of Bertram D. Wolfe by Bertram David Wolfe, Robert Hessen (1990)
"And the ten transitional demands ooze statism from every pore. ... this ineradicable statism since the word socialization has the semantic vagueness of a ..."

8. Transactions of the American Dental Association at Its ... Annual Session by American Dental Association (1889)
"statism (stand-still) and ... is a sort of statism until it springs into ... demand of planetary voidness as statism asking to be infilled with radiance, ..."

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