Definition of Stop bath

1. Noun. An acid bath used to stop the action of a developer.

Exact synonyms: Short-stop, Short-stop Bath
Generic synonyms: Developer

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Literary usage of Stop bath

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Photographic Journal of America: The Oldest Photography Magazine in America (1916)
"As a preventive of this I would suggest the use of a stop bath, such as one consisting of a solution of soda sulphite, 1 ounce in water 20 ounces, ..."

2. The Photographic Journal of America: The Oldest Photography Magazine in America (1917)
"Now place it for a minute or so in a weak acetic acid stop bath, and then wash for three or four minutes in the dark. In the meantime, while it is washing, ..."

3. Wilson's Photographic Magazine (1909)
"I am inclined to think this arrangement preferable to using the acetic acid in solution as a stop bath between the developer and the hypo. ..."

4. The Medical and Surgical Reporter (1868)
"stop bath. 7th. Baby actually getting fat, and growing finely. 2. Milton A., ret. 2} years, was visited Nov. 80th, for the first time. ..."

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