Definition of Stopper

1. Noun. An act so striking or impressive that the show must be delayed until the audience quiets down.

Exact synonyms: Show-stopper, Showstopper
Generic synonyms: Act, Bit, Number, Routine, Turn

2. Verb. Close or secure with or as if with a stopper. "The mothers stoppered their babies' mouths with pacifiers"
Exact synonyms: Stopple
Generic synonyms: Plug, Secure, Stop Up
Derivative terms: Stopple

3. Noun. A remark to which there is no polite conversational reply.
Exact synonyms: Conversation Stopper
Generic synonyms: Comment, Input, Remark

4. Noun. (bridge) a playing card with a value sufficiently high to insure taking a trick in a particular suit. "If my partner has a spade stopper I can bid no trump"
Category relationships: Bridge
Generic synonyms: Playing Card

5. Noun. Blockage consisting of an object designed to fill a hole tightly.
Exact synonyms: Plug, Stopple
Generic synonyms: Block, Blockage, Closure, Occlusion, Stop, Stoppage
Specialized synonyms: Bung, Spile, Bottle Cork, Cork, Drainplug, Earplug, Fipple, Tampion, Tompion, Tampon, Spigot, Tap
Derivative terms: Plug, Stop, Stopple

Definition of Stopper

1. n. One who stops, closes, shuts, or hinders; that which stops or obstructs; that which closes or fills a vent or hole in a vessel.

2. v. t. To close or secure with a stopper.

Definition of Stopper

1. Noun. Agent noun of stop, someone or something that stops something. ¹

2. Noun. A type of knot at the end of a rope, to prevent it from unravelling. ¹

3. Noun. A bung or cork ¹

4. Noun. (slang soccer) goalkeeper ¹

5. Noun. (context: finance slang) In the commodity futures market, someone who is long (owns) a futures contract and is demanding delivery because they want to take possession of the deliverable commodity. ¹

6. Noun. (rail transport) A train that calls at all or almost all stations between its origin and destination, including very small ones. ¹

7. Verb. To close a container by using a stopper. ¹

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Definition of Stopper

1. to plug [v -ED, -ING, -S] - See also: plug

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Literary usage of Stopper

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. American Druggist (1887)
"A NEW MEASURING stopper. The patent extends both to the stopper and to the bottle. The neck of the bottle has an expansion at W, which, when the stopper is ..."

2. St. Nicholas by Mary Mapes Dodge (1881)
"But no stopper could they find. "It is very necessary' that it should be found," said the beetle. " One of the pages told me all about it. ..."

3. A French-English Dictionary for Chemists by Austin McDowell Patterson (1921)
"à deux trous, two-holed stopper. — d l'émeri, ground stopper. — d vis, screw stopper. ... en verre, glass stopper. bouchon-ecrou, m. screw plug. ..."

4. A Dictionary of Applied Chemistry by Thomas Edward Thorpe (1921)
"'in avoid the necessity for using an india- rubber stopper between the combustion tubo and the water-absorption apparatus, Marek suggests a mercury joint ..."

5. A Systematic Handbook of Volumetric Analysis: Or, the Quantitative by Francis Sutton (1890)
"The tube I) is filled to the level of the stopper with the water to be examined, 1 cc of the solution of sodic nitrito and ..."

6. The Analysis of the Hunting Field...: Being a Series of Sketches of the by Robert Smith Surtees (1904)
"Of all cold, candle-light, frigid, cheerless, teeth-chattering, arm- flopping occupations, that of an Earth - stopper assuredly is the most so. ..."

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