Definition of Storm window

1. Noun. A window outside an ordinary window to protect against severe weather or winter.

Exact synonyms: Storm Sash
Generic synonyms: Window

Definition of Storm window

1. Noun. A detachable second window attached on the exterior side of a window in climates with harsh winters, to add an insulating layer of still air between the outside and inside. ¹

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Literary usage of Storm window

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Home Energy Projects: An Energy Conservation Guide for Do-It-Yourselfers by DIANE Publishing Company, Jeffrey S. Tiller (1996)
"Determine which type of storm window to install: exterior (fixed, double-track, or triple-track) ... Set the storm window in position to make sure it fits. ..."

2. 57 Ways to Protect Your Home Environment (& Yourself) by Rick Weinzierl (1999)
"You can double-glaze a window in various ways: • Placing a storm window over a single-pane window • Replacing a single-pane window with an insulated window ..."

3. Elementary Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene: For Higher Grammar Grades by Winfield Scott Hall (1911)
"The storm window is usually placed from three to six inches outside of the regular ... By opening the slot or setting the pane ajar in the storm window, ..."

4. Four-H Home Conservation Guide: A Collection of Hands-On Projects DIANE Publishing Company by DIANE Publishing Company (1994)
"This a fairly simple building project that makes a storm window that works well. The first thing you need to do is to pick the window you want to make a ..."

5. Guidelines for the Evaluation and Control of Lead-Based Paint Hazards in Housingby David E. Jacobs by David E. Jacobs (1996)
"Sectional view of window (with no storm window) showing window trough area, ... Trough extends out to storm window frame. The interior window sill (stool) ..."

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