Definition of Straight hang

1. Noun. A hang performed on the rings or parallel bars with the body erect and the arms at the sides.

Generic synonyms: Hang

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Literary usage of Straight hang

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Bookman (1897)
"Molly, however, encouraged her to wear straight-hang- bluish garments with a shining girdle that comported with her Burne-Jones type of beauty. ..."

2. The Connoisseur by George Colman, B. Thornton (1904)
"ACE WORKED SEVENTEENTH CENTURY With regard to the flatness of the ends and their straight hang we are told in a " Treatise upon the Mode, or Farewell to ..."

3. The Female Poets of Great Britain: Chronologically Arranged: with Copious by Frederic Rowton (1849)
"When skilful traders first set up, To draw the people to their shop, They straight hang out some gaudy sign, Expressive of the goods within. ..."

4. Things a Lady Would Like to Know Concerning Domestic Management and Expenditure by Henry Southgate (1875)
"Truss the head under the wing, and the legs straight; hang them to the fire, legs downward; baste with butter, and dredge the birds lightly with flour; ..."

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