Definition of Stressed

1. Adjective. Suffering severe physical strain or distress. "He dropped out of the race, clearly distressed and having difficulty breathing"

Exact synonyms: Distressed
Similar to: Troubled

2. Adjective. Bearing a stress or accent. "An iambic foot consists of an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable as in `delay'"
Exact synonyms: Accented
Similar to: Emphasised, Emphasized, Emphatic, Masculine
Antonyms: Unstressed

Definition of Stressed

1. Verb. (past of stress) ¹

2. Adjective. suffering stress (either physical or mental) ¹

3. Adjective. (phonetics) having a stress or accent ¹

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Definition of Stressed

1. stress [v] - See also: stress

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Literary usage of Stressed

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Grammar of the German Language: Designed for a Thoro and Practical Study by George Oliver Curme (1922)
"(verb stressed more heavily than the prefix her) Don't you intend to come at once ... Auxiliary or Copula stressed. The copula or auxiliary is more strongly ..."

2. German Orthography and Phonology: A Treatise with a Word-list by George Hempl (1897)
"1) stressed VOWELS In German a stressed vowel is generally long in an open syllable and short in a closed one (but see § 141) : long in ..."

3. An Old English grammar by Eduard Sievers, Albert Stanburrough Cook (1903)
"THE VOWELS OF THE SLIGHTLY stressed AND UNstressed SYLLABLES I. STEM-VOWELS IN SLIGHTLY stressed WORDS 43. Under this head belong the stem-vowels of the ..."

4. Electric Arc Welding by Ernest Wanamaker, Harry R. Pennington (1921)
"The greatest variation in prop- AA—In line with direction of deposit, fused zones, stressed in parallel, giving maximum strength. BB—Transverse to direction ..."

5. How Third World Rural Households Adapt to Dietary Energy Stress: The by Philip Payne, Michael Lipton (1994)
"The questions of who is stressed and who adapts are addressed here only in regard to those issues relevant to research priorities on adaptation. ..."

6. An Old English Grammar by Eduard Sievers (1893)
"... and the -1- of the Second Weak Conjugation (411 ff.). WEST SAXON VOWELS. I. The Vowels of the stressed Syllables. l. ..."

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