Definition of String cheese

1. Noun. Cheese formed in long strings twisted together.

Generic synonyms: Cheese

Definition of String cheese

1. Noun. Any of various cheeses that can be peeled in strings or strips. ¹

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Literary usage of String cheese

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Healthy Heart Handbook for Women by Marian Sandmaier (1992)
"... low fat evaporated or nonfat milk • Nonfat or low fat yogurt and frozen yogurt • Low fat and fat-free cheeses, string cheese, skim-milk buttermilk, ..."

2. Teaching Young Children Ages 1-6 by Evan-Moor Educational Publishers, Jill Norris, Marilyn Evans, Cindy Davis (2002)
"Decide on a piece of food to share, (a piece of string cheese) 2. Explain that you will divide the food in two pieces—one piece for the child and one piece ..."

3. Grammar & Punctuation Grade 2 by Jo Ellen Moore (2002)
"Jolynn had peach yogurt, string cheese, carrots, and chocolate milk in her lunch. S.Andrew is inviting Thomas, Chris, Todd, and Lee to his party. 14. ..."

4. Ecology & Management of the Commerically Harvested American Matsutake Mushroom by David Hosford, David Pilz, Randy Molina, Michael Amaranthus (1997)
"... (they can be peeled like string cheese). The matsutake odor is also distinctive, when one is familiar with it. The usual caveats apply: always make sure ..."

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