Definition of Strip mine

1. Noun. An open mine (usually for coal) where the seams run close to the surface.

Generic synonyms: Mine

2. Verb. Extract (ore) from a strip-mine.
Exact synonyms: Surface Mine, Surface-mine
Category relationships: Excavation, Mining
Generic synonyms: Mine
Derivative terms: Strip Miner

Definition of Strip mine

1. Noun. A mine where the material above the ore is removed (stripped) to expose it for removal and use. ¹

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Literary usage of Strip mine

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Minerals in Arkansas: Including a Review of Oil and Gas Conditions by Jim G. Ferguson (1922)
"Warner Dunlap Coal Co., strip mine; three miles north of Spadra; Warner Dunlap, ... Johnson-Cunningham; strip mine; two and one-half miles north of Spadra; ..."

2. Proceedings of the ... Convention of the United Mine Workers of America by United Mine Workers of America (1918)
"Whereas, strip mine coal goes on the market in competition with nine coal; therefore, be it Resolved, That the strip mine wage scale shall be the same as ..."

3. Kansas Labor Laws and Laws Especially Affecting the Employment of Labor by Kansas, Richard Edgar McIntosh, Kansas State Dept. of Labor and Industry (1918)
"Unlawful to permit shot in strip mine when any person close enough to be injured. That it shall be unlawful for any owner, lessee, operator or other person ..."

4. Annual Report by Missouri Division of Mine Inspection, Missouri Bureau of Mines (1894)
"Bachelor Bros, are operating a strip-mine in the same locality, ... EL Crawford is operating strip-mine at Lowry City, to supply home demand. ..."

5. Annual Report by Missouri Division of Mine Inspection, Missouri Bureau of Mines (1896)
"DD Peeler operates a strip mine in the same locality as the Ford mine. Coal same, and consumed in surrounding neighborhood. There is a very large deposit of ..."

6. The Military Dictionary (1987)
"See also mine strip. mine spotting—(DOD, NATO) In naval mine warfare, the process of visually observing a mine or minefield. mine strip—(DOD, NATO) In land ..."

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