Definition of Striped coral root

1. Noun. Nearly leafless wildflower with erect reddish-purple stems bearing racemes of pale pinkish and brownish-striped flowers; western Canada to Mexico.

Exact synonyms: Corallorhiza Striata
Generic synonyms: Coral Root

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Literary usage of Striped coral root

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Guide to the Wild Flowers by Alice Lounsberry (1899)
"STRIPED CORAL-ROOT. (Plate XCV.) Corallorhiza striata. FAMILY COLOUR ODOUR RANGE TIME OF BLOOM Orchis. Darh purple. Scentless. Northward across June. tht ..."

2. Wild Flowers of the North American Mountains by Julia Wilmotte Henderson Henshaw (1915)
"Corallorhiza striata, or striped coral root, has dark purplish-brown flowers with elliptic petals, an oval lip, and no spur. Corallorhiza Mertensiana ..."

3. Sessional Papers by Ontario Legislative Assembly (1917)
"While following the winter road south through the heart of the wood I came across several patches of the rare striped coral-root in full bloom. ..."

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