Definition of Structural genomics

1. Noun. The branch of genomics that determines the three-dimensional structures of proteins.

Generic synonyms: Genomics

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Literary usage of Structural genomics

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Reaping the Benefits of Genomic and Proteomic Research: Intellectual by Stephen A. Merrill, Anne-Marie Mazza (2006)
"... should be made freely available to scientists everywhere"10 At the beginning of the structural genomics initiative, international meetings were held to ..."

2. An International Perspective on Advancing Technologies And Strategies for by Bgh, National Research Council (2005)
"He is chairman of the Board of the structural genomics Consortium, a director of Diamond Light Source and the Conway Institute, and a trustee of the ..."

3. Benchmarking Industry-Science Relationships by Oecd (2002)
"structural genomics is a new and exciting field of basic research at the ... structural genomics initiatives have arisen almost simultaneously in the ..."

4. Catalyzing Inquiry at the Interface of Computing and Biology by John C. Wooley, Herbert Lin (2005)
"... structural genomics initiatives are producing a great increase in protein three-dimensional structures ..."

5. Genomic Signal Processing and Statistics by Edward R Dougherty (2005)
"... proteomics, structural genomics, high-throughput description of cellular systems, and so forth. Functional genomics is characterized by large-scale, ..."

6. Visualizing Chemistry: The Progress and Promise of Advanced Chemical Imaging by National Research Council (U.S.) (2006)
"... understanding structure-function relationships; • identifying molecular recognition surfaces and topologies; • structural genomics and proteomics; ..."

7. The Genomic Revolution by National Academies Press (COR), National Academies (2006)
"... Intercampus Research Program on Experimental Evolution University of California (Systemwide) Bernhard Rupp structural genomics Group Leader Biosciences ..."

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