Definition of Subclass telosporidia

1. Noun. Parasitic sporozoans that form spores containing one or more infective sporozoites.

Exact synonyms: Telosporidia
Group relationships: Class Sporozoa, Sporozoa
Member holonyms: Coccidia, Order Coccidia, Gregarinida, Order Gregarinida, Haemosporidia, Order Haemosporidia
Generic synonyms: Class

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Literary usage of Subclass telosporidia

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Diagnosis of Protozoa and Worms Parasitic in Man by Robert William Hegner, William Walter Cort (1921)
"... and are further characterized by the method of reproduction known as sporulation. In the subclass Telosporidia the vegetative (trophic) stage precedes ..."

2. A Text-book Upon the Pathogenic Bacteria and Protozoa: For Students of by Joseph McFarland (1912)
"subclass telosporidia. Spore-formation ends the individual life, the entire organism being transformed to spores. ..."

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