Definition of Surcharge

1. Noun. An additional charge (as for items previously omitted or as a penalty for failure to exercise common caution or common skill).

Generic synonyms: Charge
Specialized synonyms: Single Supplement

2. Verb. Charge an extra fee, as for a special service.
Generic synonyms: Bill, Charge

3. Verb. Rip off; ask an unreasonable price. "They surcharge him of all his money"
Exact synonyms: Fleece, Gazump, Hook, Overcharge, Pluck, Plume, Rob, Soak
Specialized synonyms: Extort, Gouge, Rack, Squeeze, Wring
Entails: Bill, Charge
Generic synonyms: Cheat, Chisel, Rip Off
Derivative terms: Overcharge
Antonyms: Undercharge

4. Verb. Fill to capacity with people. ; "The air raids had surcharged the emergency wards"
Generic synonyms: Overcrowd

5. Verb. Print a new denomination on a stamp or a banknote.
Generic synonyms: Overprint, Print Over

6. Verb. Fill to an excessive degree. "The air was surcharged with tension"
Generic synonyms: Fill, Fill Up, Make Full

7. Verb. Place too much a load on. "Don't overload the car"
Exact synonyms: Overcharge, Overload
Generic synonyms: Lade, Laden, Load, Load Up
Derivative terms: Overload

8. Verb. Show an omission in (an account) for which credit ought to have been given.
Generic synonyms: Show

Definition of Surcharge

1. v. t. To overload; to overburden; to overmatch; to overcharge; as, to surcharge a beast or a ship; to surcharge a cannon.

2. n. An overcharge; an excessive load or burden; a load greater than can well be borne.

3. v. t. To print or write a surcharge on (a postage stamp).

4. n. A charge over the usual or legal rates.

Definition of Surcharge

1. Noun. An addition of extra charge on the agreed or stated price. ¹

2. Noun. An excessive price charged e.g. from an unsuspecting customer. ¹

3. Noun. (philately) An overprint on a stamp that alters (usually raises) the original nominal value of the stamp; used especially in times of hyperinflation. ¹

4. Noun. (legal) A charge that has been omitted from an account as payment of a credit to the charged party. ¹

5. Noun. (legal) A penalty for failure to exercise common prudence and skill in the performance of a fiduciary's duties. ¹

6. Verb. To apply a '''surcharge'''. ¹

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Definition of Surcharge


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Literary usage of Surcharge

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Water Use Conflicts in the West: Implications of Reforming the Bureau of by Marca Weinberg (1997)
"The implications of a surcharge will depend on the level of the new price (the contract price plus the surcharge) relative to the value of water use given ..."

2. The Parliamentary Debatesby Great Britain Parliament by Great Britain Parliament (1905)
"Name Plates of Streets in Gaelic -surcharge of Wicklow Urban Council. MR. COGAN (Wicklow, E.) : To ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland ..."

3. Forms of Judgments and Orders in the High Court of Justice and Court of by Henry Wilmot Seton, Cecil Clare Marston Dale, W. Clowes, Great Britain Court of Appeal (1893)
"Usual Form of Direction for Leave to surcharge and Falsify. BUT any of the parties are to be at liberty to surcharge and falsify any of the items and ..."

4. The Sampling and Assay of the Precious Metals: Comprising Gold, Silver by Ernest Alfred Smith (1913)
"When there is a gain in weight it is referred to as a " plus surcharge," while a loss in weight is designated a " minus surcharge. ..."

5. A New Law Dictionary and Institute of the Whole Law: For the Use of Students by Archibald Brown (1874)
"surcharge. This word signifies overcharge, or over and above the regular amount. Thus, surcharge of the forest or of common significa the putting in the ..."

6. A Treatise on the Principles and Practice of Dock Engineering by Brysson Cunningham (1904)
"Marl, 106 102 106 126 125 100 to 120 Clay, IL'II to 135 Chalk 117 to 174 Shale, 162 Rubble filling (with interstices) 100 surcharge.—The amount of surcharge ..."

7. Pleading and Practice of the High Court of Chancery by Edmund Robert Daniell, Thomas Emerson Headlam (1865)
"Direction for leave to surcharge and falsify. But any of the parties are to be at liberty to surcharge and falsify any of the items and charges therein, ..."

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