Definition of Sweep-second

1. Noun. A second hand that is mounted on the same center as the hour and minute hand and is read on the minutes.

Exact synonyms: Sweep Hand
Generic synonyms: Second Hand

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Literary usage of Sweep-second

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Transactions (1921)
"Pressing the stem the first time stops the sweep second hand by causing the starting lever to move to the left, striking the upper edge of the disk clamped ..."

2. A System of Instruction in X-ray Methods and Medical Uses of Light, Hot-air by Samuel Howard Monell (1902)
"For this purpose a sweep-second, fly-back timer will be found convenient. They are made to time from 0 to ... The sweep-second hand marks seconds in fifths. ..."

3. Astronomy and Astro-physics by Goodsell Observatory (1885)
"I hud prepared a lantern to be used if necessary, but I had no difficulty in picking up the time on my watch, a sweep second on a white dial. ..."

4. Golf: A Royal & Ancient Game by Robert Clark (1893)
"Well, friend, try it, sweep first, and you bury the point of the scythe in mother earth; sweep second, and you innocently brush the tip of the grass-blades; ..."

5. Colonial Furniture in America by Luke Vincent Lockwood (1913)
"Lyre-Shaped Clock, 1815-25. unusual feature is the sweep second-hand. Curtis clocks are also occasionally found with an eagle with closed instead of spread ..."

6. World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, Ill., 1893 by Committee on Awards, World's Columbian Commission, United States (1901)
"... hour, quarter, and minute repeaters, chronographs, lever watches of the best quality with first-class observatory certificates, sweep-second watches and ..."

7. Electrical Meterman's Handbook by O. J. Bushnell (1912)
"Their accuracy is determined by comparison with a standard pendulum or sweep second chronometer. As the accuracy of stop watches is generally very much ..."

8. Golfiana Miscellanea; Being a Collection of Interesting Monographs on the edited by James Lindsay Stewart (1887)
"Well, friend, try it, sweep first, and you bury the point of the scythe in mother earth ; sweep second, and you innocently brush the tip of the grass-blades ..."

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