Definition of Sweet balm

1. Noun. Bushy perennial Old World mint having small white or yellowish flowers and fragrant lemon-flavored leaves; a garden escapee in northern Europe and North America.

Exact synonyms: Bee Balm, Beebalm, Garden Balm, Lemon Balm, Melissa Officinalis
Terms within: Lemon Balm
Generic synonyms: Herb, Herbaceous Plant
Group relationships: Genus Melissa, Melissa

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Literary usage of Sweet balm

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Shakespeare Garden by Esther Singleton (1922)
"IV sweet balm and Camomile sweet balm (Melissa officinalis). Sweet Anne Page commanded the elves to bestow good luck throughout Windsor Castle: 1 The ..."

2. The Plant-lore & Garden-craft of Shakespeare by Henry Nicholson Ellacombe (1884)
"(18) And drop sweet Balm in Priam's painted wound. Lucrece (1466). ... 15 and 16 the reference is no doubt to the sweet balm of the ..."

3. A Practical Treatise on Dying Woolen, Cotton, and Silk: Including Recipes by William Partridge (1834)
"... or dyers' broom, a species of erica. This plant is used alto- gether in drab dying. sweet balm. The flowers of this plant (monarda ..."

4. The Old English Elene, Phœnix, and Physiologus by Cynewulf (1919)
"There doth it build Or nest or tomb—it dies that it may live, And by itself creates itself anew. From the rich wood it gathers here sweet balm, ..."

5. Hymns by Frederick William Faber (1871)
"All praise to thee be given, sweet balm of all our Sadness, Dear Cause of all our Gladness, Thou Happy Gate of Heaven t 2. Fair are the passes in the hills, ..."

6. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Directory of All the Chemicals and Preparations by John Rudolphy (1877)
"Concentrated sweet balm water. Water of horse radish. Mineral water of sulphuret sodium. Spearmint water. Mouth wash. Tooth wash, Jackson's. " " Pohlman'g. ..."

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