Definition of Tasmania

1. Noun. An Australian state on the island of Tasmania.

Group relationships: Australia, Commonwealth Of Australia
Generic synonyms: Australian State
Terms within: Hobart
Derivative terms: Tasmanian

2. Noun. An island off the southeastern coast of Australia.
Group relationships: Australia
Generic synonyms: Island
Derivative terms: Tasmanian

Definition of Tasmania

1. Proper noun. One of the six federal states of Australia, consisting of one large, eponymous and several much smaller islands, off the eastern part of Australia's south coast, having its capital at Hobart. ¹

2. Proper noun. The large island comprising the majority of the state of Tasmania's land area and on which most of its inhabitants live. ¹

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Medical Definition of Tasmania

1. An island south of Australia and the smallest state of the commonwealth. Its capital is hobart. It was discovered and named van diemen's island in 1642 by abel tasman, a dutch navigator, in honor of the dutch governor-general of the dutch east indian colonies. It was renamed for the discoverer in 1853. In 1803 it was taken over by great britain and was used as a penal colony. It was granted government in 1856 and federated as a state in 1901. (12 Dec 1998)

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Literary usage of Tasmania

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Colonial Gentry by Bernard Burke (1895)
"O, Eleanor Mary, second daughter of ED HARKOV, manager of the Commercial Bank of tasmania, at Launceston, and has issue, Thomas Edward Cathcart, 6. ..."

2. Parliamentary Debates: Senate and House of Representatives by Australia Parliament (1902)
"I should not rise to speak upon this question if the right honorable member for tasmania, Sir Edward Braddon, had not said that the unanimous opinion of the ..."

3. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine (1892)
"tasmania AND ITS SILVER-FIELDS. ... the discoverer of tasmania and New Zealand, was inspired by a romantic passion for Marie Van Diemen to name Maria Island ..."

4. Australasia by Henry Rees (1907)
"The Geology of tasmania Geographically and geologically tasmania is au outlier of south-eastern Australia, and its geology is intimately connected with that ..."

5. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria by Royal Society of Victoria (Melbourne, Vic.), Royal Society of Victoria (1902)
"The beds referred to occur on the north-west coast of tasmania, at and near the ... This is based on the map of tasmania, compiled in the Surveyor-General's ..."

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