Definition of Tax boost

1. Noun. The amount by which taxes are increased. "A tax increase of 15 percent"

Exact synonyms: Tax Hike, Tax-increase
Generic synonyms: Increase, Increment

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Literary usage of Tax boost

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Wayward Welfare State by Roger A. Freeman (1981)
"An increase in earnings would still have left a big difference in the rate of tax boost between workers A and B. Between 1965 and 1978 the social security ..."

2. A Preview and Summary of "The Wayward Welfare State" by Roger A. Freeman (1981)
"Most of the social security tax boost effective in 1979, the biggest tax boost in US history, was placed on earners in the higher brackets. ..."

3. Class War in America: How Economic and Political Conservatives are by Charles M. Kelly (2000)
"... except for a small gasoline-tax boost and an increase for the best-off Social Security recipients, the tax increases in last year's bill mostly didn't ..."

4. National tax journal (1916)
"Over new tax laws were enacted, the biggest crop of tax legislation and, in total, the heaviest state tax boost in many years. More tax increases are likely ..."

5. Taxing International Business: Emerging Trends in Apec and Oecd Economies by Richard J. Vann (1997)
"So, how much would substituting a consumption tax for the income tax boost total private saving? Economic theory suggests that if the after-tax rate of ..."

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