Definition of Television channel

1. Noun. A television station and its programs. "They offer more than one hundred channels"

Exact synonyms: Channel, Tv Channel
Generic synonyms: Television Station, Tv Station

Definition of Television channel

1. Noun. A specific radio frequency or band of frequencies used for transmitting television. ¹

2. Noun. A station or broadcaster using the band. ¹

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Literary usage of Television channel

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Free for All?: Public Service Television in the Digital Age by Barry Cox (2004)
"Once this agreement has been made, the programme idea is then sold to the television channel. One such series - Britain's Worst Driver, part-financed by ..."

2. Globalization of the Mass Media (1994)
"... in early 1992, there were two state-owned television channels and one private television channel.—' The private television channel offers programming ..."

3. Human Rights Watch World Report, 2003: Events of 2002 (November 2001 by Human Rights Watch, Human Rights Watch Staff (2003)
"Following the September 2001 shutdown of the Noyan Tapan television channel, the A1+ television channel was taken off the air in April, immediately after ..."

4. Information Superhighway: Issues Affecting Development by Kenneth M. Mead (1994)
"Any common carrier providing these services must make its television channel capacity available to any video service provider, consistent with FCC ..."

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