Definition of Thermae

1. Noun. springs or baths of warm or hot water ¹

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Definition of Thermae

1. hot springs [n]

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Literary usage of Thermae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Remains of Ancient Rome by John Henry Middleton (1892)
"thermae of Agrippa, in the Campus Martins, 21 BC LM of 2. thermae of Nero, in the Campus Martius, c. 60 AD Enlarged by Severus Alexander, and then called ..."

2. The Remains of Ancient Rome by John Henry Middleton (1892)
"THE thermae OF ROME. Before going on to describe the thermae of Agrippa it may be convenient to give a list of the seven principal thermae of Rome.1 1. ..."

3. A Concise Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities: Based on Sir William by Francis Warre Cornish (1898)
"The immense body of water required for the thermae was heated by a number of flues and hollow walls on the same principle as the boilers ..."

4. Rome, in the Nineteenth Century: Containing a Complete Account of the Ruins by Charlotte Anne Eaton (1852)
"The thermae of Diocletian were finished by Maximian. They have, apparently, been built in the form of an immense , oblong square, with a circular hall, ..."

5. The Standard Dictionary of Facts: History, Language, Literature, Biography edited by Henry Woldmar Ruoff (1909)
"The public baths or thermae in Rome were also very numerous. The largest were the thermae of Titus, part of the substructure of which may still be seen on ..."

6. The Architecture of Greece & Rome: A Sketch of Its Historic Development by William James Anderson, Richard Phené Spiers (1907)
"THE thermae OR IMPERIAL BATHS. THE term thermae is given to those immense ... Beyond this, the thermae were the resort of the poets, philosophers and ..."

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