Definition of Thompson submachine gun

1. Noun. A .45-caliber submachine gun.

Exact synonyms: Tommy Gun
Generic synonyms: Submachine Gun

Definition of Thompson submachine gun

1. Noun. a .45-caliber American submachine gun, having a wooden stock and a drum or box magazine ¹

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Literary usage of Thompson submachine gun

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. By Sea, Air, and Land: An Illustrated History of the U. S. Navy and the War by Edward J. Marolda (1996)
"... Coastal Force stands ready with his thompson submachine gun, others try to discover if the crew of a coastal junk is attempting to supply the Viet Cong. ..."

2. Howard's Hill and Other True Stories: Small Unit Marine Action in Vietnam by DIANE Publishing Company (1990)
"One carried a carbine, the other a thompson submachine gun. One was placed at the point of the column, the other a few men back. ..."

3. The Final Campaign: Marines in the Victory on Okinawa by Joseph H. Alexander (1996)
"At left: Two Marines, Davis P. Har- graves with thompson submachine gun and Gabriel Chavarria with BAR, of 2d Battalion, Marines, advance on Wana Ridge on ..."

4. 54 by Wu Ming (2005)
"Robinson had two guns on shoulder belts: the rifle and a Thompson submachine-gun, like the one that Nicola had in the cellar. Pierre leapt out of bed and ..."

5. From Makin to Bougainville: Marine Raiders in the Pacific War by Jon T. Hoffman (1995)
"Each fire team boasted a thompson submachine gun, a Browning automatic rifle (BAR), and one of the new Garand Ml semiautomatic rifles. ..."

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