Definition of Throw-weight

1. Noun. The weight of the payload of a missile (not including the weight of the rocket).

Generic synonyms: Weight

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Literary usage of Throw-weight

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The English Mechanic and World of Science (1889)
"To use a brake on a two-wheeled vehicle, and not throw weight on the horse's back is mechanically impossible. The weight thrown is, however, small, ..."

2. A Manual of Free Gymnastic and Jumb-bell Exercises: For the School-room and by James Henry Smart (1864)
"Forward: Throw weight on the right foot without bending the left knee. March: Advance the left foot straight forward about eighteen inches (vary according ..."

3. Soviet Military Policy Since World War II by Richard Felix Staar (1986)
"No effective limits were placed on either the accuracy or the throw-weight of the SS-17 or the SS-19, which total 6000 and 7000 pounds, respectively. ..."

4. Gymnastics: A Text-book of the German-American System of Gymnastics by William Albin Stecher (1896)
"Practise the throwing also with hopping forward ami with a run, previous to the throw. WEIGHT LIFTING. The weight of the dumb-bells for the various ..."

5. Physical Culture by John Bailey (1892)
"CSP—Place right foot far in advance, throw weight upon it bending knee, and bend from waist line, contracting the abdomen until the shoulder touches the ..."

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