Definition of Tiflis

1. Noun. The capital and largest city of Georgia on the Kura river.

Exact synonyms: Capital Of Georgia, Tbilisi
Generic synonyms: National Capital
Group relationships: Georgia, Sakartvelo

Definition of Tiflis

1. Proper noun. (historical) The city of Tbilisi. ¹

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Literary usage of Tiflis

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Travels in Russia, the Krimea, the Caucasus, and Georgia by Robert Lyall (1825)
"History of tiflis 510 Derivation of its Name 511 Situation of tiflis ib. Divisions of tiflis 512 Population of tiflis ib. Appearance of tiflis. ..."

2. International Catalogue of Scientific Literature by Royal Society (Great Britain) (1903)
"tiflis, Prot. Kavl: med. Obst. tiflis, Tnl Bct. Sada. tiflis, Tnl. Kavl: ... [Procès-verbaux de la Société Impériale médicale du Caucase. tiflis]. ..."

3. Handbook for Travellers in Russia, Poland, and Finland: Including the Crimea by Thomas Michell (1888)
"I.11'In' names of places are printed In italic* only In those routes where the places arc described.'} ROUTE PAGE 39. St. Petersburg or Moscow to tiflis, ..."

4. The Region of the Eternal Fire: An Account of a Journey to the Petroleum by Charles Thomas Marvin (1891)
"tiflis in the Autumn—Development of the City—One's Impressions of the Place depend upon whether one U proceeding East or West— The Administrative District ..."

5. Journey to Ararat by Friedrich Parrot (1859)
"Position of tiflis.—Experiments with the Pendulum. —Magnetic Needle.—Heights round tiflis. ... Coal near tiflis.—The Hot Springs.— Their medical Virtues. ..."

6. Persia Past and Present: A Book of Travel and Research, with More Than Two by Abraham Valentine Williams Jackson (1906)
"Being the capital of Transcaspia, tiflis is the head of the civil and military ... Historically tiflis is a place of interest also, as it was the capital of ..."

7. Personal Recollections of Werner Von Siemens by Werner von Siemens (1893)
"tiflis. traversed by the river Kur in its deep-cut bed. leans ... Hence every inhabitant of tiflis. who can at all afford it, possesses for the hot season a ..."

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